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Заключен форум Темата е заключена, не можете да променяте мнения.  [ 1 мнение ] 
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 Заглавие: L2 Certus reborn
МнениеПубликувано на: 05 Юли 2011, 23:47 
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Мнения: 1

xp: x666
sp: x666
adena: x666

Safe Enchant: +3
Max enchant: Unlimited

Enchant Rates:
Norma enchantl:
>>from 3 to 10 rates = 60%
>>from 10 to 15 less than 60%
For example : from +15 to +16 = 5%
Blessed enchant = 5 % more than normal
Crystal enchant (Event) = 100%

Special NPC
- Gm Shop
- Global Gatekeeper
- Buffer + Scheme Buffer ( 3 slots every character)
- Noblesse Trader
- Wedding Manager
- Top PvP/Pk Npc
- Boss Status NPC
- Augumentation NPC

- auto Capture the Flag
- auto Team vs Team
- auto Death Match

- No Grade Penalty
- Death penalty = 1%
- Free Subclass
- Auto Loot / Pickup
- Auto class changer
- Auto skills learn
- Special Farm/PvP Zones
- Hero period 7 Days
- 24 Buff Slots
- 10 Debuff Slots
- All buffs/songs/dances have 3h duration
- Hero weapons +10 Stats
- Hero skills on subclass
Only when You win Hero four times in a row
- Quake / Killing Spree System
You will get publicly broadcasted after you kill 5/10/15/20/25/etc. people consecutively without dying.
- Spawn protection effect
Spawn protection lasts for 10 seconds.
- LvL Up custom story
At the start location You will find a Gatekepper who will present a story and will take You to lvl up zone. There are two of them: first for humans, elfs, dwarfs and second for orcs and dark elfs (both are peace zones)
- Custom Raid Bosses
This Three Raid Bosses will drop epic jewells and clan skills items, information about their location will be posted on forum

* Processor Model: Intel Bi Xeon Quad 8x 2.00+ GHz
* RAM Count: 8 GB DDR2
* Hard Drives: Intel SSD X25-M 2x 80 Go & SATA 2 2x 750 Go
* Internet Connection: 1 Gbps
* DDOS Firewall: Physically & Hardcoded


Server is still in Open Beta phase. All accounts and will be deleted before Official Start

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Заключен форум Темата е заключена, не можете да променяте мнения.  [ 1 мнение ] 

Часовете са според зоната UTC + 2 часа

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